grandparents and kids estate planning and trusts

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is often a topic of difficult conversation among family members. Regardless of age the potential for unexpected death or injury exists. Thus, a well thought out plan ahead of time makes it easier for survivors to overcome the emotional issues of loss and manage through the changes taking place.

Wills and Trusts

Everyone needs a Will. Why? To simplify the process of decision making for survivors. If there is not will then one is said to have died intestate and the state will use statutory provisions to make decisions as to the disposition of property. However, planning ahead of time can ensure assets are disposed of as desired. If minor children are involved such careful planning becomes more paramount.Young parents are encouraged to designate guardians for their children should something happen to both parents simultaneously and provisions made for the children’s’ support with life insurance or other assets. Attorney John R. Nelson can ask the questions needed and provide the legal counsel to draft your Will and prepare Trust documents.

Estate Planning

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