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The Law Office of John R. Nelson, P.A. is an intellectual property firm working with clients to obtain Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents. Attorney John Nelson is dedicated to making a difference in your life. Whether you come to us needing help with child custody or fathers’ rights’ matters, want advice regarding your business or want to plan for end of life issues. In addition if you are are looking for personal injury compensation following a vehicle accident, or want help with a criminal defense related to a DUI or drug charge, we can have a positive impact in your life.


Provisional and Non-Provisional

Do you need to patent your idea? If you are here then the answer is probably yes. But, what kind of patent application should you file? Don't forget the patent drawings and application data sheet. Registered Patent Attorney John Nelson can assist you.

Registered Patent Attorney


Trademarks, Protect your Brand

A trademark identifies the source of goods or services. Trademark protection is important because it will shift the presumption in your favor if an issue arise. Attorney John Nelson handles new trademark applications, office actions, and renewals.

Trademark Attorney


Ideas are as free as the air

Books, slogans, poems, pictures, sculptures, music, and even trademarks can all be copyrighted. Did you receive a cease and desist letter for a copyright infringment? Our law firm can help overcome use issues in Federal and state filings.

Copyright Services

Wills and Trusts

End of Life Planning

The firm can counsel the preparation of a plan for administering one’s legal affairs during life, including both financial matters and emergency medical care, and the disposition of one’s estate upon death. Life Enhanced Deeds, Payable on Death.

Wills and Trusts


Personal Representative Assistance

Death can be expected or unexpected and I am here to help with the process so you can grieve. Whether intestate or testate I can assist with your probate needs. Do you have an issue you are not sure about? Probate litigation is a service our firm provides.

Probate Administration

Business Formation

Wonder how to form a business?

Whether it is an LLC, corporation, or partnershop, experienced and licensed Professional Engineer Attorney John R. Nelson can review, advice and assist with the legal aspects of your business venture. Registration with sunbiz, estate planning impacts, and intellectual property concerns.

Business Law

Family Law

Divorce, Custody, Child Support

Divorce is just one element of family law, but can unleash a torrent of emotions. The Law Office of John R. Nelson, P.A. will work to make certain every client has the divorce information and family law resources they have to understand the divorce process and comprehend exactly what to expect.

Divorce and Adoption Help


Drafting, Review, Breach

Contracts define a business relationship and form the structure upon which a partnership, corporation and business relationships are built. A contract is at the core of commercial organizations, and a contract violation is a significant part of a civil litigation practice.

Business Law