Real World Experience Counts

Answers are important, but questions are critical. Having the experience to know what questions to ask is what seasoned businessman and attorney John R. Nelson will provide you. Imagine having an attorney who worked inside an ISO9000 Malcom Baldridge award winning company, wrote environmental permits across a wide variety of industries, designed and developed software which was not only sold to users but was later acquired by larger entities, and managed business lines with revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is this experience that Attorney John R. Nelson will bring to the table when sitting down to discuss your needs.

Business Formation, Acquisition, and Sales

Corporations, S-Corp, LLC, Limited Liability Corporation, Sunbiz registration

Forming a new business can be daunting. The process includes choosing the right structure such as a corporation, LLC, or Professional Association. Tax consequences may come into play with the structure choice. My services include formation, Article, ByLaws, filing for your EIN and IRS election documents. Acquisition of an existing requires a due diligence and may extend to human, health, and environmental compliance. All considerations requiring experience and counsel.

Business formation includes:
(1) registering your business with
(2) prepared an operating agreement, corporate bylaws, and shareholder resolutions
(3) obtaining an IRS EIN Number
(4) filing IRS form 2553 for Sub-S election
(5) filing a DBA with the state of Florida
(6) reviewing your brand and trademark requirements

environmental policy, law and regulation

Environmental Law

Environmental law is a complex mix of federal, state and local laws, regulations, policy choices, science, and health concerns. As a licensed Professional Engineer Attorney John R. Nelson has hands on experience developing various environmental permits in a variety of industries. As your legal counsel he has the education to ask the questions and understand difficult environmental issues you may face.

Intellectual Property Law

Mental efforts create the basis of intellectual property law and may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Clients may include inventors, businesses, authors, and entertainers. For example, sample Attorney John R. Nelson can assist with are entertainers facing contractual issues related to performances; an author seeking to protect a song play, picture, or book; and an inventor working to protect a new idea. Generally: (1) patents protect inventions of tangible things,(2) copyrights protect various forms of written and artistic expression, (3) trademarks protect a name or symbol that identifies the source of goods or services.