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A patent is an exchange of information, how to build and use the invention, between the inventor and the government. In exchange for this information, the patent holder is given an exclusive license against all others.

Patent Work

Patent Attorney John R. Nelson can navigate the confusing federal patent and trademark system. As a small firm attorney, he is dedicated to building personal relationships with clients and learning about all of the unique innovation and original work you need to have protected. Let Patent Attorney John Nelson get to know you and your work to help you secure your patent, trademark or any other intellectual property needs. If you are in Volusia County, Daytona, Edgewater, Holly Hill, Oak Hill, Port Orange, New Smyrna, Brevard County, Osceola County, Orange County then getting a patent on your invention is easy with John's help.

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Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent Application

There are two kinds of patent applications: provisional and non-provisional. The first conversation with your patent attorney will focus on the pros and cons of each. If your invention is ready to go, you have the business plan in place, and production methods are identified then a non-provisional application may be your best choice. On the other hand, a provisional application is great for entrepreneurs who need time. The provisional patent application will secure your filing date and give you time to see investors.

The United States is a first to file country to so that means the first person to protect an idea by filing an application can create priority. You will want to draft a patent application that is broad enough to protect every element of your invention and yet specific enough to adequately describe your invention.

If you choose to file a provisional application first it may be less structured, You have one year from the date of filing your provisional patent application until you file a non-provisional application with priority. This one year should be used to look at the market, get investors, and understand how to optimize and improve your invention.

What are Patent Claims?

Claims recite and define the structure, or acts, of an invention in precise terms. The claims in a patent application are compared to prior art.

Software Patents

Patent Attorney John R. Nelson can use his 30 years of software development experience to help file your software patent application. Software patents are difficult to get an understanding how to connect the algorithm to a machine becomes a necessary step to successful issuance.

What can a patent attorney help you do?

In New Smyrna, Edgewater, Port Orange, Oak Hill, Daytona, Deland, Deltona, Orlando, Titusville, and Orange County a patent search can be performed to look at your invention idea. If you are in Volusia County the patent attorney can do a USPTO trademark search. Pro se clients use US Patent Search on Google at times to get an idea of their invention exists. Performing a USPTO patent search through TESS is not too difficult. One of the easiest questions an intellectual property attorney can help answer is how to get a patent. Patent searches are done by number. A patent attorney in New Smyrna, port orange, Oak Hill can help with WIPO patent search and reviewing patent numbers search. A patent agent is a person that took the same exam but is not a licensed attorney. A licensed attorney will hold your invention idea confidential. Intellectual property attorneys work on patents, copyrights, and trademarks in addition to helping with invention licensing. So if you have ever wondered how to get a patent on an idea then contact the law office of John R. Nelson and discuss your patent idea with Registered patent attorney John Nelson.